Did You Know?

You won't believe how much you don't know about the life insurance world and its colorful history. Check out the interesting, bizarre, and shareworthy facts below.

  • One of the earliest life insurance companies in the United States was founded by Benjamin Franklin.

  • In 1930, there were about 120 million life insurance policies in the United States, equaling approximately one policy for each person in the country.

  • Life insurance claims following the Titanic disaster amounted to over $47.7 billion in today’s dollars.

  • Many people credit the genesis of the modern insurance industry to the regular meetings of shippers at a coffee house in London called Lloyd’s.
    This group would later develop into Lloyd’s of London.

  • In March 2014, a mystery tech billionaire purchased the most valuable life insurance policy ever. It's worth $201 million.
    This policy beats the previous record of a $100 million life insurance policy for an unnamed American entertainer.

  • In 2010, four California women were convicted of insurance fraud after “making up” a man, staging his death, hosting a funeral and collecting on his life insurance.

  • The 2010 BBC Program Canoe Man chronicles the story of John Darwin, who faked his own death in a staged canoeing accident.
    After living next door and collecting his own life insurance for five years, John was found out and sentenced to six years in prison.