Giant runaway ball, whales on the loose, and sucky hairdos.

You might think you are about to have a normal day, but then something completely unexpected happens…

Red Ball

Sometimes art imitates life.  Sometimes life imitates art.  Sometimes art is a giant red ball that got loose, is rolling down the street, and you have to catch it.

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Dear parking space thieves.  Think twice.

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Free Willy

The great outdoors offer many opportunities to kick back and relax, like kayaking for example.  Go out with a friend, paddle around in calm waters, enjoy the fresh air.  Maybe check for whales though.  In fact, definitely check for whales.  Don’t go near the whales.


Sucky Hairdo

What if we told you mom got her daughter’s hair stuck in the vacuum cleaner… on purpose.

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Congrats! You didn't get crushed by a minion.

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