Trains, Planes, and Automobiles!

There’s no question–transportation can be dangerous.  For some, the danger is more self-inflicted than for others…

Air Traffic Jam

Stuck on the runway, all planes grounded.  I’d be shocked if things got any worse.

Train Ride

This Russian daredevil took his GoPro on the train with him.  As in, on top of the train… with him.  Don’t try this at home kids!


Truck / Highway Sign

Ever accidentally released the hood of your trunk while speeding down the highway?  Of course… who hasn’t.  What about releasing a 50ft long freight container into the air like a sail on a sailboat? Also, there’s an oncoming highway sign.  Ever had that happen?


Drive Thru

Always make sure your car doors are locked when you go through the drive thru.  This will help guarantee that your car exits the drive thru at the same time you do, ideally with food in it.  If you are forced to choose between exiting the drive thru with the food or with your car, we’d recommend the car.

Extendo…. fail


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