Why your kids can raise themselves.

Kids today are more independent than ever. While they may initially need you for the basics, that won’t last too long, right? After all, by age three, most kids have an excellent grasp of touchscreen technology. By age seven, they know more about your mobile device than you do. By their teenage years, they’ll be masters of Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter. If it involves hearts, they’ll know how to use it. And as for their future, that’s practically a job guarantee in social media. Combine that with their inheritance of your invincible mindset, and ignoring life insurance makes total sense for the whole family.

In fact, millennial parents stand to save quite a bit of money since they no longer have to worry about funding a college education. According to The College Board, the average cost of college for a public, 4-year, in-state tuition is nearly $20K, and out-of-state is $34K. Who would pay for that when kids can learn anything they need to know on YouTube or Google? If something happened to you, the kids will be just fine as long as they can afford a mobile device and can hangout at a McDonald’s with free wifi.

If that doesn’t make the case for ignoring life insurance, remember your kids are smart and resourceful. If you were gone, they’d put their tech skills to good use and figure out how to crowdfund their expenses. They’ll miss you, of course, but they’ll write a compelling online memorial that explains how at this difficult time, they need help to give you a proper funeral. But don’t worry, you can rest easy knowing they can count on all your Facebook friends for help, right?

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