Life is only precious because it ends, kid.” ― Rick Riordan, The Son of Neptune

If you’ve ever experienced the sudden loss of someone you care about, you know that it can literally knock the wind right out of you. The emotional burdens can be significant and long lasting, and it’s difficult to see people struggle with them. We can’t do anything about that emotional pain, but too often we see families suddenly facing financial hardships too. is a project brought to you by Legal & General America. We started this website to help motivate people to protect the futures of those that depend on them. We hope to help you learn about life insurance, how affordable it can be, and how one day it could be a lifesaver for your family. We believe you should have access to all of this information without any pressure to buy. So feel free to use our site to do all the research you want.  

While you’re here, chew on this:

  • If you have loved ones who depend on your income to survive, life insurance is a no-brainer.
  • Most people overestimate the cost of life insurance. If you are young and in good health, you might be able to get term life insurance for less than you spend at Starbucks every month.
  • We protect our kids from daily dangers every day with things like seat belts, bicycle helmets, and vaccinations; yet we put off protecting their futures? Now that just doesn’t make sense.  

Our History

In 1836, six respected lawyers met in a London coffee house where life insurance was the topic of discussion. They decided to form an association under the chairmanship of John Adams which was eventually named Legal & General Life Assurance Society. Those founders had the same attitudes toward innovation and risk taking as those which characterize the worldwide Legal & General Group today.

Legal & General America was born in 1981, and since then we’ve been focused on making life insurance affordable for American families. We provide high quality, efficient service for our over 1 million customers. With our strong record of financial strength, you can be assured that we’ll be here when you need us. Just take a look at our 2015 financial strength ratings:

  • A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best
  • AA- (Very Strong) from S&P
  • AA- (Very Strong) from Fitch
  • 94 COMDEX score

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