Why cats don’t need life insurance, but you do…

  1. Cats have 9 lives. You don’t.
    Enough said.
  2. Cats get a free ride. You pay the rent/mortgage.
    Living in an alley or a sewer might work for a feral feline, but for your family, not so much.
  3. Cats can hunt. You can barely handle the line at the grocery store.
    Stalking prey for dinner is not an option. Your family needs cash to put food on the table.
  4. Kittens move out at 8 weeks. Your kids may still be at home when they’re 25.
    Your kids may leave for college at 18, but they could be mooching off you well past their college years.
  5. Cats always land on their feet. You need a safety net.
    Life on the edge might be thrilling for you, but a nightmare for your family.

Cover your life. Protect your family’s most important asset—you (unless, of course, you’re a cat).

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Since you're not a cat, find out what your life is worth

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Based on information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the value of work performed by the average stay at home parent is an annual salary of approximately $60,000 (Wages: bit.ly/HTBLI_momwages and Time: bit.ly/HTBLI_momhours). Eligibility, insurability, underwriting criteria and other factors may also apply.

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